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Madhu's dream comes true

In a small village called Piluwa in the Bara district, not far from the Nepalese and Indian borders, lives an inspiring young lady Madhu. The 23 year old was rescued 8 years ago from the Empire Circus in India.

Since then through her hard work and funding support she has achieved her A levels with 2nd division.


Hong Kong Radio Interview

Philip Holmes, CEO of Freedom Matters, is interviewed on Hong Kong radio about child trafficking.

Dr Angela Ng interviews Freedom Matters CEO Philip Holmes on radio about sex trafficking and rehabilitation through unique means - the circus.


Art and Charity in Nepal

"You're good at art; why don't you become a dentist?"; the careers advice of my big brother to me as a teenager who had no idea what to do with his life. I didn't quite follow the logic of that but in the absence of any other steers (least of all from Careers Masters) I went with his suggestion anyway.

I can't really reflect on too many artistic achievements over my subsequent 17 years as a British Army Dental Officer but my passion for art certainly found expression in the second career of my life, running a children's charity in Nepal. In July I returned to the UK after 8 years of working with some of Nepal's most disadvantaged and vulnerable children and young people totally sold on the value of art to both heal troubled minds and to provide a way into useful employment in a land wher...