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About Us

We are a UK registered charity at the hub of a national and international partnership of supporting and implementing organisations.

Most of our project work is currently conducted in Nepal as we fight trafficking and modern day slavery. Our primary focus is upon the rescue, protection and rehabilitation of children and young people from conditions of enslavement, violence or exploitation. These include rogue Nepalese orphanages that have become trafficking destinations and/or are centres for racketeering and abuse, denying children their most basic rights. Since the earthquakes of April and May 2015 we have been working to provide relief and reconstruction support in the worst-affected areas. The earthquakes have increased trafficking from remote Districts and we wish to empower communities so that we can stop this added misery.

Meet our Trustees, UK staff and volunteers and Nepal staff and volunteers. Find out about our projects in Nepal, how you can get involved and read all the latest news in our blog.